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Tie a FlyLipp into one of your favourite patterns and watch what happens.

Suddenly, your fly swims up, swims down, darts from side-to-side.

And the topwater bite? Unheard of. The action produced by FlyLipps is dramatic—and effective.

For your favourite pattern. Or a new one.

FlyLipps work great on saltwater patterns as well as freshwater patterns.

Add a FlyLipp to Lefty’s Deceiver and you have a fly that swims naturally to the surface where it can pop and splash until you allow it to swim back down.

Bob’s classic Clouser Minnow is no longer just a jig, it now swims up off the bottom and slowly swims back down.

A FlyLipp tied into Popovic’s Surf Candy can cause the fly to dart erratically from side-to-side.

Each package contains 10 FlyLipps—and endless possibilities.

1) Wrap thread base halfway down the hook shank.

2) Apply a small drop of super glue to the groove in the FlyLipp, then place the FlyLipp on the hook shank in either ascending or descending position. Position FlyLipp approximately 1/16 of an inch behind the hook eye.

3) Tie on by tightly wrapping the full length of the FlyLipp shank. Wrap a few extra turns at the base of the FlyLipp blade for added support. You’re now ready to tie your favourite pattern.

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